Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Limited time 99 cent anthologies to benefit the March Of Dimes & GIVEAWAY 😍

Love Kissed Anthologies
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Haunted by Love
Ten of your favorite romance authors have come together for a charity anthology. With vampires, witches, wizards, shifters, shadow walkers, fallen angels, demons, and a wraith king, you're sure to be enthralled. Be prepared for greed, lust, lies, and betrayal to culminate in coups and menages. After all, the fate of the world often depends on the actions of hot alphas.

New Love
Seven of your favorite romance authors have come together for a charity anthology. If you like billionaires and witty heroines, or high school sweethearts and runaways, or southern stories with a love as big as Texas, then settle in for tales of finding home, overcoming the past, loyalty, broken promises, and even a surprise wedding. Even family obligations can't hinder what's simply meant to be.

Lucky in Love
Ten of your favorite romance authors have come together. Enjoy second chance romances, sports romances, and rocker romances. Meet your new favorite bad boys and blue collar lovers. There may even be a surprise pregnancy or two.

Dangerous Love
Prepare to dance with the dark side of love. This collection is full of suspense with crimes like stalking, kidnapping, and murder. Meet some men in blue and some bad boys too. If you have a taste for dystopian, enjoy interracial love, and get hot and bothered over sexy protectors such as private investigators, the FBI and CIA, then one-click right away.


Forbidden Love
This set is about as naughty as a collection can get. They may look innocent, like the boy next door, or the brother's best friend, they may be working like the blue collar guy making a house call, the undercover cop, the rock star, the bodyguard, or the stripper. Don't be fooled. These stories are filled with romance,  suspense, and temptation. Oh, and no one seems to decline the opportunity for romps in public, with a stranger, a roommate, or the occasional affair.
Learn how forbidden love makes for strange bedfellows in these modern fairy tales of love, lust, and deception.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

3T Writing Tidbit

My husband posts about creativity on Facebook. It's been helping me boost my own productivity in ways I'd never imagined.

Today (January 18, 2017) he posted one on how Isaac Asimov wrote the equivalent of a full-length novel every two weeks for 25 years (over 500, but over a lot longer period, lol). It's here: https://qz.com/886038/isaac-asimov-wrote-almost-500-books-in-his-lifetime-these-are-the-6-ways-he-did-it/

The whole article is worth reading, but what stood out was Asimov's take on the dreaded writer's block.
Frequently, when I am at work on a science-fiction novel, I find myself heartily sick of it and unable to write another word.
It's normal to get stuck. His solution? Set it aside.
I don’t stare at blank sheets of paper. [...] I simply [...] go on to any of the dozen other projects that are on tap. [...] By the time I’ve grown tired of these things, my mind has been able to do its proper work and fill up again. I return to my novel and find myself able to write easily once more.
I've done this before out of profound disgust for a project, and I practice interleaving projects to make them continuously fresh, but never have I walked consciously away from something. Going to give this one a try.

Published since 2009, over the years I've accumulated various items of writing wisdom. The Third Tuesday Writing Tidbit showcases these items in no particular order. Click here to see all 3T Tidbits.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

2T Repeat Performance

In December 2016, the lovely Magical Musings crew decided it was time to close down their blogging shop. I had three wonderful years with them. I thought you might be interested in seeing those posts now.

photo credit: sean dreilinger via photopin cc
Do You Candy Crush? -- Favorites #6 eGames--Originally posted September 17, 2014

Let’s get to know each other!

In these first months as a Magical Musings blogger, I’m sharing my 10 favorite things and hope to hear about yours.

I'm more pinball generation than video game, but I have to admit, there's something about playing computer games that appeals to me. I started out with role-playing adventure games like Quest For Glory and Baldur's Gate, though lately it seems all I have time for is three minutes of Secret Society or Candy Crush.

I'm not sure why, but electronic games give me the same feelings as seeing a bristling Christmas tree loaded with shiny ornaments or a Halloween candy bag or a beautifully wrapped gift box.

Maybe it just comes down to art.

To me, there's a sense of wonder and joy that playing the best games brings. It's like reading a book where you get to control the story. Or like living in your very own movie. The improvement in graphics and sound quality has only increased the experience.

Even quick pattern-matching games like Candy Crush and Farmville, casual games meant to while away a few minutes in line or between appointments, make life sparkle a little more. What would we do while waiting otherwise? Something productive, maybe, but would being productive pop just a bit of joy into our lives?

When my children were growing up, we read books at bedtime, and my children still are readers as adults. Books are an important part of our lives. But we also played video games and I think it gave them an appreciation of and familiarity with modern electronics while still exercising their imaginations.

Maybe not. :) But I just bought Baldur's Gate for my tablet, and it still feels like Christmas trees and perfectly wrapped gifts.

What brings you a sense of wonder and joy?

My son recently pointed me at a site that has older games updated for current operating systems called GOG. Quest for Glory 1-5 is here.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August 1T Status Update

Have you got your Biting Love fix yet? These prices won't be seen again.

The whole BITING LOVE series for under $1 each. Amazon | BN | EP

Here's what I'm up to:
  • Third round of edits for Night's Caress turned in.
  • Cover mockup for Night's Caress is tongue-rollingly lovely!
  • My sightreading is getting a real working (and upgrade) thanks to one-rehearsal weekly concerts with the American Legion Band this summer
  • I need a vacation. 
  • Because of hubby's job, we need to stay around his servers. Anybody got any good ideas for a sta-cation?
  • Night's Kiss 10K words and rising.
  • File made for Soul Mates (Pull of the Moon Book 3, or in the new numbering scheme, Book 5)
  • Haunted by Love is supposed to release today :) Contains Hunt Mates, Pull of the Moon prequel to Mind Mates, or in the new numbering scheme, Book 3.
  • I'll be a feature guest tomorrow at Delilah Devlin's blog! Come chat with me about the music you like.

Monday, July 31, 2017

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It's here! THE sale event. A zillion paranormal romances for less than a slim buck each. Well, zillion might be a slight exaggeration. Many, many favorites, now at 99 cents. But click buy today, before they go up to the regular price of $3.99.


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Steamy. Crazy. Exciting. If you like staunch, powerful heroes, this is the series for you. The whole BITING LOVE series for under $10. Hurry, this won't last. Amazon | BN | EP

He’s perfect…and he’s her number one suspect.
They mix like oil and water—or like nitro and glycerin.
Times Square. New Year’s Eve. This year, it’s a Countdown to Death.
Golden, deadly vampire meets a St.-Pauli-Girl-Next-Door.
Turns out, the real show happens when the curtain comes down…
Two women, two vampires…twice the fangy HEA.
He’s the master of the podium, but she’s the master of his heart.
Even the shadows fear him—how can any woman love him?
Even Dr. Frozen thaws when passions ignite.

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Howl with Guest Emma Nichols--PLUS GIVEAWAY

The Howl Series
by Emma Nichols
Kindle / Ebook GIVEAWAY
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Raising the Phoenix
Book #1
The Alpha is the leader of the pack, a revered position, one that can't be inherited, only earned. For ten years my father groomed me to take over in the event something happened to him. I guess I never expected it to happen so soon. I thought I'd have more time. I thought I'd at least graduate from college first. Instead, life threw the Phoenix Pack a curveball. My father was murdered, and my mother died with him. Suddenly, I'm responsible for my twin sisters, and everyone else. I'm forced to make some tough decisions. And if everyone in the pack has their way, one of those decisions will involve finding my mate. They should've given me an easier task, like brokering world peace or curing cancer. After all, what male would ever volunteer for this, having a mate who's also his Alpha, leaving his pack to join hers, and giving up everything he has ever known?

In the Venom and Vampires Box Set!
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Cursing the Moon
Book #2

Savannah Silver has met her mate.

Her wolf has chosen, but the Alpha who can silence others with a look and command her pack with a word has been refused. While she waits for him to come to his senses, Savvy works to find her parents’ killers, rebuild the homestead and ensure Shelby’s future.

Quinn Holderman has met his match.

Being part wolf and part husky has always been a disadvantage. Becoming a rogue was his only hope for happiness. Then Quinn met Savvy. In his mind, his reasons for denying her made perfect sense. In reality, he has suffered every second they are apart.

He needed more time. She needed her mate. Together, they’re cursing the moon.

Available on Amazon!
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Healing the Heart
Book #3

Sometimes love isn’t enough. Sometimes love can’t conquer all. Sometimes healing a heart takes time.

Quinn doesn’t have time. Instead, what he has is a looming deadline. The mating must take place by the full moon or not at all. He thought he had made up his mind. He thought he could live with his decision. Then Savvy disappeared.

Savvy is an all or nothing kind of girl. She needs a strong mate, a decisive mate, a loving and supportive mate. Unfortunately, Quinn refused to be that mate. Losing him was breaking her heart. Staying busy was her only coping mechanism. Ignoring her needs and focusing on the pack helped her find everything she ever needed.

Sometimes the threat of losing everything can change minds and hearts. Sometimes the promise of a better future and a determined mate can heal a heart in record time.

Available on Amazon!
99 Pennies!


Author Bio:

What made her decide to be a romance author?
How else was she going to parlay her two favorite past times into a career?
Emma is single and loving it. Like her first character, Alysin, Sin for short, she doesn't believe in settling or in settling down. She loves to indulge in her passions whenever the mood strikes and enjoys keeping all of life's cliche moments spicy.
Known for her sense of humor, Emma surrounds herself with friends whose antics often become the source of book fodder. Her ideal situation would be to explore the Caribbean while writing. She pursues that dream daily.
Visit her website for updates: http://emmanicholsromance.com
Or better still, join her newsletter and never miss a release, sale, or giveaway: http://eepurl.com/0SiQn

Social Media:


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The Legal Vampire's Golden Goddess by Heather Long The Tales of the Arcana Royale Series
Bite My Fire by Mary Hughes The Biting Love Series
Night of the Tiger by N.J. Walters The Hades' Carnival Series
Alexandra's Legacy by N.J. Walters The Legacy Series
Wolf at the Door by N.J. Walters The Salvation Series
A Touch of Magick by N.J. Walters The Spells, Secrets & Seductions Series
In the Dark by PG Forte The Children of Night Series

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